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LABFREEZ INSTRUMENTS GROUP CO., LTD & LABFREEZ INSTRUMENTS (HUNAN) CO., LTD as a proressional supplier & manufacturer is specially provides the scientific instruments and equipments for the life sciences and laboratory refrigeration, we have more than 16 years of leading experience in our fields. Our company has an excellent research and development team which marvelously applies the leading technologies to designing, developing and producing Laboratory Scientific Instruments, biotechnology products and industry equipments. Our products are specifically designed for and welcomed by Scientific Research Institutes, Medical and Health, Aviation & Military, Biological Pharmacy, College Research Institutes of Electronics, Metal Process, Electronic Industry, Chemical Industry, Offshore Fishing Industry and Food processing. We start from our Lab type freeze dryer and built our factory in Beijing in 2000, since then with rapidly developed, we have developed pilot and production freeze dryers for pharmacy, medicines, food, fruit and etc. Formed three series of products and targeted solutions for scientific research experiment, medical, food industry and also different scales, applications, is the influential vacuum freeze-drying equipment and targeted solution provider in China.A technical team composed of experienced refrigeration experts, senior vacuum experts, senior electronic control experts, and senior mechanical design experts. They work together in product development, promotion, and maintenance. They deeply understand the meaning of "customer-centric" through every detail of the operation and management of the company, we win the trust and support of our customers.In 2012, the company's patented product, a shelf for vacuum freeze dryers, was widely used in the current mainstream pilot-scale freeze dryers and production freeze dryers. The appearance of this product promoted the rapid development of domestic vacuum freeze-drying technology. .In 2015, the company researched and developed an energy-saving vacuum freeze dryer system and a freeze dryer with the system. At present, this energy saving system is mainly used in food freeze-drying equipment, effectively reducing equipment energy consumption by about 30%, and promoting domestic freeze-drying. The development of the food industry.At the same time, with the rapid development of the company, we invested in several laboratory instrument and equipment companies, Guangzhou Raysky Scientific Instrument and Xiangyi (Xiangtan) Instruments, to provide our customers with complete laboratory equipment and services. Our company has acquired certificates of ISO9001, CE, CMD and the products have been welcomed all over the world, such as USA, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Turkey, India and etc. With high performance-price ratio and our fast response service team have earned approval and praise both from the domestic and international markets.
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Hunan, China
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11 - 50 People
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US$1 Million - US$2.5 Million
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